Foss Offshore Wind, Haugland Energy, and Morrison Energy have joined forces in a strategic partnership to create FHM Cable Services via a Teaming Agreement. FHM Cables Services will offer near shore power cable installation, power cable repair, and a complete range of support services for array cable installation to the US Offshore Wind market.

In addition to power cable installation and repair FHM Cables Services will also provide Balance of Plant (BoP) maintenance for the foundation structures, both above and below water.

Drawing on the strengths of each of the partners; Foss’s vast and long heritage of operating offshore vessels, Haugland’s expertise in HV terminations, jointing, and fiber optic splicing, and Morrison’s diving, fabrication and offshore engineering and installation experience FHM Cables Services offers an unparalleled level of service to the fast-growing US Renewable Energy sector.

Bringing together the specialties of each partner will provide access to fully mobilized US flagged cable installation and repair vessels that will be operated by experienced personnel from FHM Cables Services US workforce. Answering the call to create US Supply Chain solutions by which all FHM Cables Services offerings are fully compliant with Federal and State regulations.

Shallow Water Services

FHM Cable Services offer the full range of services required to land the windfarms export cables ashore.

FHM Cable Services will offer export cable installation from a fully mobilised Jones Act compliant barge in the near shore sections, in water depths of less than 10m/30ft, to support the Tier 1 installation contractors and developers. The barge will be fully manned with US workforce drawn from each of the group’s partners. FHM Cable Services will provide fully qualified US HV testers and jointers to operate on the barge to give the capability to joint the near section to the offshore section of cable if required.

FHM Cable Services also offers the land-based works required to install the export cables. These include the beach works (site prep, TJB, cable pull, and reinstatement), testing and jointing of the HV cables, and the installation of HDD’s.

Array Cable Support Services

With it’s experienced partners teaming together FHM Cable Services can offer all the support services needed by the array cable installer to pull the cables on to the foundations, and then performing the HV testing and termination to the switch gear. Utilising the groups US work force FHM Cable Services can provide cable pull-in teams and equipment and qualified HV testers and technicians to perform the terminations. FHM Cable Services can also provide temporary power and refuelling to keep the foundations systems powered until it has been commissioned and energised.

Power Cable Repair

FHM Cable Services shallow water barge and experienced cable handling crew can rapidly be deployed to attend to export cable failures. Offering a complete maintenance solution this can either on a pre-emptive basis to minimise the disruption to electricity production or in an emergency repair situation. The Jones Act compliant barge has no restrictions on using spare cable and accessories stored in US ports and is fully manned with experienced US workers. FHM Cable Services also offers the complete maintenance solution for array cables and will source suitable vessels from the market to complete any maintenance or repair works.

Power Cable Storage

FHM Cable Services has facilities at New Bedford and Tomkins Cove. The ports at both locations have ample space to store export and array cable spares and their associated accessories. FHM Cable Services has fabrication yards in the Gulf of Mexico to support the fabrication of any reels or baskets required for the storage. Finally, FHM Cable Services has qualified HV testers to test the cables and therefore can offer a complete storage service.

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